Slow Club @ Hare & Hounds, Birmingham (15.12.16)

The journey down (up?) to Birmingham was horrendous. We couldn’t get on the M5 because of an accident (on the slip road of all places). Our detour through Cheltenham town centre was ill-timed to say the least (it was a late night shopping night – we had to be travelling on a Thursday night near Christmas, didn’t we?) and our normally one hour journey to Kings Heath ended up taking twice as long. We were this close to turning back (I am holding my thumb and index finger about half an inch apart as I write this review).

Anyway, as someone once said, all’s well that ends well as we found a bit of free parking near the venue (bonus), had enough time to buy a pint (double bonus) and found somewhere to stand at the side of the packed room which meant I wasn’t in the way of everyone else (I’m fairly tall, you see).


Slow Club snaked their way through the crowd onto the stage and subsequently played a moody, lo-fi set made up mostly of songs from their latest album. Rebecca led vocals on a song, then Charles did one, then Rebecca asked what everyone had for tea, then Charles did one and it pretty much went like that for an hour. Everyone stood in gawping silence through ‘Not Mine To Love’ (which is pretty much the best song they have ever written) and then they both played some Christmas songs in the middle of the audience because it was December and deep down we all love a Christmas song about being alone at Christmas.

Really, I’m a selfish fan of Slow Club. Often I think to myself, ‘Why aren’t they the biggest band on the planet?’ but really, deep down I’m kind of glad of the fact that I can still see them every time they tour at a venue which isn’t too big and the ticket price is reasonable (we’re still in a credit crunch, aren’t we?).

* Sorry for the blurry photos. Too many red lights or something. And I was too busy listening to the band.


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