The Wave Pictures, She Makes War @ Hy Brasil, Bristol (20.11.16)

I’m not so keen on venues like Start The Bus (or Hy Brasil or whatever it’s called now) which are one half gig venues and one half public bars. From where I’m standing, poor old SHE MAKES WAR and her box of musical tricks is getting drowned out by Sunday night back-to-work-tomorrow chatter at the rear of the room. So I move forward down some steps and find a stool to hang my coat over and a little platform to stand on. It’s much better there.

For a moment I rue the fact that nobody writes fanzines any more. Going to gigs on your own is ok, but I could really do with a copy of Fracture or Itchy Bum to flick through. So I kill a bit of time fiddling with the flash settings on my camera and wondering which one of THE WAVE PICTURES will be wearing a Jeffrey Lewis and/or Herman Dune t-shirt tonight. It turns out that it’s Franic. Oh, and David has had his hair cut short as well. When you watch the band as often as I do you begin to notice these things.

DSC00737.JPGTHE WAVE PICTURES are Britain’s best band. Their recorded output is astonishingly consistent, so much so that we don’t get a single track from arguably their best album (‘City Forgiveness’) until the encore. Tonight the set is mainly taken from ‘Great Big Flamingo Burning Moon,’ ‘Long Black Cars,’ ‘Instant Coffee Baby’ and ‘Bamboo Diner In The Rain.’ Drummer Johnny stamps his foot during ‘Sleepy Eye’ and David Tattersall unusually forgets the words to ‘Come On Daniel’ (from the seemingly forgotten album ‘If You Leave It Alone). But that’s ok, as his guitar work is fast, precise and technically spot on. I look around and there are large groups of balding 40-something males getting hot and steamy when Tattersall runs his fingers down to the 24th fret of the neck of his electric guitar.

THE WAVE PICTURES had a new album out last month and they’ll probably have a new one out next month too. I never tire of seeing them.


2 thoughts on “The Wave Pictures, She Makes War @ Hy Brasil, Bristol (20.11.16)

  1. Great review – I’ve been going to see these guys since 2008 so I notice the Jeff Lewis t-shirts/haircuts too; also seen them crop up playing extra bass/guitar for Jeffrey Lewis, The Mountain Goats and a few others – such a consistent band both for recordings and live. I was right at the front for this one 🙂

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