Jeffrey Lewis & Los Bolts @ The Flapper, Birmingham (17.12.15)

In a moment of absent mindedness (not an Alan Partridge moment of madness), I drove to Birmingham in my slippers. It was the winter and I’ve got these slippers that look and feel a lot like shoes. It didn’t even occur to me until I was halfway up the M5 that I was still wearing them, because as I said, they aren’t that much different to shoes (apart from the fact that they slip on and slip off). Wearing them made absolutely no difference to my throttle or clutch control.

Luckily for me, the venue is very, very dark. Even in December, The Flapper is a busy sweat-pit of place to be. Only really tall people like me can see the band and only really tall people like me feel like they are getting in the way of others seeing the band. As always, Jeffrey Lewis & Los Bolts play a brilliant show. Some old songs here, some new ones there, with a Wave Pictures cover thrown in for good measure (hey, it’s Christmas after all). The best thing about Jeffrey Lewis is that he plays a different set on every tour. You turn up and don’t know what you’re going to get. Other bands – please learn from him.

I buy a poster from Mem the bass player after the gig (well, obviously after the gig) and she tells me that Jeff has exactly the same Herman Dune t-shirt as me. That may be true, but does he have my slippers?

Footnote: Since attending this gig I now keep an emergency pair of black non-descript shoes in my car boot for all occasions.


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